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The ECHO Initiative was a privately funded program which sent a probe into deep space with the goal of detecting radio signals from intelligent life and relaying them back to earth.

Though the launch was a success, contact with the probe was lost once it left our solar system. The program was shut down shortly after and widely considered a failure.


A game by Conor Mccann created over a few days for the Fermi Paradox jam with sounds by freesound.org users: aishabag23, qubodup, jmayoff, jasonelrod, duckduckpony, quistard, mornedelport, renzogen, rodincoil, glencurtisadams, jeanet-henning, kmyers1316, michaelbeijer.


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Published198 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Authorconor mccann
Tagsexplore, fermijam, probe, scan, Space


the_echo_initiative_pc.zip (53 MB)
the_echo_initiative_mac.zip (96 MB)