A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A series of playful interactions inspired by the ideas of Pippin Barr.

Developed by Conor Mccann. Music by I Heart Lung, produced by Chris Schlarb and engineered by Devin O'Brien at BIG EGO. Created for the Pippin Barr 'GAME IDEA' game jam October 7-16, 2016.

Additional Credits:
Made with Adobe Animate CC + AIR
GSAP Library by Greensock
Amador typeface by Parkinson Type Design
Bebas Neue typeface by Dharma Type
PT Mono typeface by ParaType
Bough typeface by Pasha Korzhenko
Sound effects provided by these fine folks over at freesound.org: kevinkace, kwahmah, scottemoil, zywx, ifartinurgeneraldirection, cgeffex, sinjohnt, bdunis4, ama-dis, edhutschek and scriptique


a_few_ideas_pc_v1_3 195 MB
a_few_ideas_mac_v1_3 199 MB

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